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The rise in residential auctions reflects market trends

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Homebuyers in South Africa increasingly turn to residential auctions to find affordable properties. With interest rates remaining high to curb inflation, auctions are viewed as a faster means of buying or selling property.

Auctions also bring in competition and the likelihood of sellers achieving quick sales. This article will explore why auctions have become a significant part of the property market and why they're worth considering.

High Interest rates' effect on property prices

In recent years, interest rates have risen, currently standing at 8.25%. This upward trend, marked by ten consecutive increases since November 2021, totaling 475 basis points, has posed challenges for most homebuyers. With higher interest rates come increased borrowing costs, making it tougher for buyers to afford homes.

However, amidst these challenges, auctions have gained traction in the housing market. Unlike traditional listings, auctions offer a unique opportunity for potential buyers to secure properties at potentially lower prices. The competitive nature of auctions often leads to faster sales and provides buyers with a chance to navigate the market more efficiently.

Benefits of buying an auctioned property

Firstly, auctions offer a quick and transparent way to buy and sell real estate. With predetermined time frames, auctions create a sense of urgency among potential buyers, streamlining the buying process by reducing negotiation time.

Moreover, buyers often find opportunities to acquire homes at prices lower than their market value through auctions. It is particularly true for properties needing repair or distressed homes, allowing buyers to score bargains that may not be available through conventional listings.

Sellers also reap the rewards of auctions, benefiting from the certainty of an immediate sale. Once the highest bid is accepted and the hammer falls, the sale becomes binding, eliminating uncertainty and delays commonly associated with traditional sales methods.

Key considerations for buyers

Before bidding on a property, buyers must conduct thorough research. The review should include the value, condition, and potential risks associated with the property. Additionally, it is essential to review the auction terms and conditions to understand the bidding process, payment arrangements, and related fees. 

Bidders must register to participate. The opening bid is the initial offer. The reserve price is the lowest price the seller will accept. Buyers should research the property, analyse market conditions, and consider finance options to succeed in bidding.

Navigating residential auctions as a buyer

  • Consider seller preferences: In some areas, auctions may not be sellers' first choice due to potential sales price compromises for faster transactions.
  • Set realistic budgets: Overbidding is common in auctions, so buyers must establish realistic budgets and stick to them.
  • Fulfil pot-auction obligations: After winning an auction, ensure timely payment and completion of all necessary paperwork.

As a seller

  • Sellers are only responsible for paying agreed-upon marketing expenses, while buyers are responsible for covering a buyer's premium or commission.
  • The sales process remains in the hands of sellers, ensuring a quick and streamlined process.
  • Unlike traditional sales, traditional sales methods that involve multiple viewings are bypassed. Auctions take place just an hour before the auction, providing a convenient and efficient method of sale.
  • Sellers can set a minimum price, giving them more control over the sale price.

Secure your dream home through property auctions

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